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Coating plate overview

- Mar 16, 2017 -

Coating Board, called color coated Board also called organic coating Board or pre coated plate, it is to metal volume material (cold rolled Board, and hot plating zinc Board, and plating aluminum Board, and high aluminum Board, and stainless steel Board,) for base material, in surface coated enough or laminated various organic paint or plastic film and into, due to it is in metallurgical factory completed surface coating of volume material, can for user directly processing into products, so also said pre coated volume material.

Color coated industry of development 1935 American established has first article continuous coating plate line, near 20 years to color coated Board production industry to construction industry for breakthrough get has quickly development, production constantly increased, currently world has has more than 400 over color coated Board line, production capacity over 18 million t, color coated Board has widely for construction, and household appliances, and furniture and Office apparatus, field, in the early 1960 of the 20th century this a products on in China introduced application.

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