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Stainless steel precision strip edge

- Mar 16, 2017 -

For stainless steel precision steel with of using today has very widely, because stainless steel steel with on material of mechanical performance, surface rough degrees, thickness accuracy, width, brightness,, performance aspects requirements demanding, thus became stainless steel industry in the unique of boutique, and outside for precision steel with of needs increasingly increases, also makes China of precision stainless steel steel with of demand increased, and it application to widely.

Are involved in different fields such as high-end industries: IT industry; chemical etching of industrial heat exchangers; aerospace medical devices area petrochemical vehicles; and so on, in the end: a computer component; household appliances; clock; kitchen; the construction industry; the camera industry and so on.

According to the needs of economic restructuring, development of precision steel strip, can effectively drive the machinery, electronics, development of high technology industries such as aviation, although stainless steel strip production relatively short history, but in the ongoing efforts to improve and experience has greatly enhanced our productivity and technology.

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