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Wuxi advantage of steel

- Mar 16, 2017 -

1) small amount of plating, so the cost is relatively low.

2) paint adhesion good, honeycomb surface oxide films containing-OH genes, so the paint adhesion, wettability, is very strong, the same adhesion of coatings on the Tin more than twice times ~5 times, will not appear prone to leakage of Tin coated fish-eye or crater.

3) temperature resistance, good, Tin does not occur at low temperature "Tin Pest" phenomenon.

4) has a high-sulfur, high alkali resistance, chromium and chromium oxides do not react with sulfur and alkali, and therefore has very good resistance to sulfur and alkali resistance, not curing of black, while the air, organic solvents, oils, with good corrosion resistance.

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