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Chrome-plated Iron Features

- Mar 16, 2017 -

That Wuxi thin plate, since 80 generation promotion to China yilai, has been in wandering State, until 2000 yihou only get General of application, even in now will appeared plating chrome iron price than tinplate your of situation, its reasons is plating chrome iron in printing iron paint of processing performance obviously is better than tinplate, with paint iron of widely using, special in caps aspects, plating chrome iron more by people of attention has, plating chrome iron of features is:

1) substrates canning process and corrosion resistance of Tin substrate of the same;

2) coating process, do not have to consider like Tin Tin melting problems, use the high baking temperatures, improve the efficiency of printed and coated production;

3) coating adhesion, superior to Tin;

4) is an extremely thin layer of metal on the surface layer and hydrated chromium oxide layer thickness of only about 1% of Tin Tin and, therefore, vulnerable to rust, so do not paint processing, there is no practical value of chrome-plated iron.

5) Wuxi sheet, so save the Tin resources, in line with the direction of Tin.

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