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Inspection Of Tinplate Of Tinplate For Cans

- Jul 03, 2017 -

  Inspection of Tinplate of Tinplate for cans

  Tinplate for cans Tinplate for cans inspection of finished products sub-routine physical and chemical testing and special requirements of the two kinds of conventional physical and chemical testing of the contents are:

  Appearance inspection mainly by the naked eye that is, Tinplate for cans Tinplate for cans Tinplate for cans iron and steel products on the positive and negative requirements no obvious dirty, wrinkled. The main part of the printing surface without significant scratches. Minor parts allow a slight scratch. Text lines clear and complete, The network is clear, complete, and the level of ink is uniform and the hue is accurate.

  Physical and chemical indicators Physical and chemical indicators are: impact strength, adhesion, gloss, whiteness, ink layer surface hardness, resistance to cooking, overprint, etc., Tinplate for cans in addition to anti-sulfur test, acid test, etc. The special requirements of Tinplate for cans test The additional tests other than the above-mentioned routine inspection are mainly based on the special needs of the Tinplate for cans and add some necessary testing items.

  Such as Tinplate for cans canned ham, the printing of iron products will increase the anti-sulfur test and high temperature sterilization test project; pickling tank printing plate products will increase the writing test items; Indian rice cooker shell to increase the surface Cleanliness of the test items; Tinplate for cans candy candy box when you want to increase the brightness of the test items, etc. India iron finished product picking is qualified after the inspection of iron goods after the inspection work, in principle, the printed on each product must To test, this visual inspection focused on the appearance of the main.

  Tinplate for cans Tinplate for cans inspection of finished products is very strict, which is for customers after the use of tin cans for the sake of safety. If you need tin cans, you are welcome to contact us.

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