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Method Of Making Tinplate For Cans

- Jul 26, 2017 -

  Method of making Tinplate for cans

  First, the metal plate cut into rectangular iron, the blank rolled into a cylindrical shape, the two ends of the joints welded together to form a cylindrical shape. Tinplate for cans One end of the cylinder and the round end cap are mechanically rolled and sealed, and the other end is fitted with a canned lid to form a tinplate can. Containers cans, cans, tank bottom three parts, so called three cans.

  General cans are used three cans. Aluminum cans with two cans technology. Patch with offset printing technology. Such three cans are not easy to carry candles. Easy to leak, Tinplate for cans if you have to use, it is recommended to take out the glue coating (excluding tax) to prevent leakage of wax. Usually this three cans also need to prevent the outer surface rust, still need to use printing.

  In the production of three cans Note: in the end of the process before the cut angle and cut; in the soldering process after the soldering of the solder to rub tin, Tinplate for cans to be cooled after the flanging, the tank body to complete.

  → cooling → flanging → tank body finish.

  The processing technology of the can lid is: tinned sheet shear cutting → oiling → punching → curling → glue → drying → lid processing is completed.

  The combination of can body and can lid to form empty cans of the processing process: Tinplate for cans the tank into the → plus cans → double-roll sealing → empty tank processing completed

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