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Potential For The Future Development Of Special Steel

- Mar 16, 2017 -

Steel is equipment manufacturing of development cornerstone, and high-end equipment manufacturing of development is is special steel development of maximum driver, steel industry "Twelve-Five" Planning (draft) specified of special steel focus direction is: high-speed rail, and city track traffic, and marine engineering and Sea oil mining, and large and particularity can ship and ships, and energy-saving environmental car, and special high pressure grid, high-end equipment manufacturing field, is expected to big aircraft, and high-speed rail, and sea workers, and energy, high-end equipment manufacturing field "Twelve-Five" Investment is expected to reach 10 trillion yuan, the corresponding special steel industry rapid development opportunities.

Special steels can be divided into high, medium and low level: one is made of high quality carbon structural steel mainly low-end steel; the second is to end special steel alloy steel as a representative of; the third is in stainless steel, tool steel, mold steel and high-speed steel as a representative of high-end steel.

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