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Several Factors Of Price Change In Tinplate For Cans

- Aug 08, 2017 -

  Several Factors of Price Change in Tinplate for cans

  Tin is a layer of tin tin, not rust, also known as tin. For a long time is called "tin" in China's color plate, so called "tin". There are other claims, such as China in the past with the Tinplate for cans made of kerosene lamps, such as tin, so called "tin", Tinplate for cans "the name is not accurate.Therefore, the 1973 China Conference has been named Tinplate for cans Tinplate for cans, formal The document is no longer used "Tinplate for cans." Mainly used in food packaging cans, produced as tin will be combined in a steel with strength and formability, tin corrosion resistant materials, solderable and beautiful, with corrosion resistant, non-toxic , High strength, good ductility performance.

  The characteristics and advantages of Tinplate for cans.

  1. Irrational light can cause food metamorphism to cause changes in protein and amino acids. Vitamin C is more susceptible to light and other food ingredients, causing a lot of damage. According to research and analysis, transparent glass bottled milk, the loss of vitamin C than milk black bottles, 14 times the light will make milk produce oxidative taste and radionuclides, methionine cleavage and loss of nutritional value and Tinplate for cans opaque vitamins C has the highest retention rate.

  2 good sealed packaging containers of air and other volatile gas barrier and sensory quality protection is very important. Comparison of a variety of fruit juice packaging containers in the oxygen through the fresh preservation of fresh fruit directly affect the browning and vitamin C speed; oxygen through the metal cans, glass bottles and aluminum foil adhesive layer of low interest rates, carton vitamin D preservation is good of. Best canned.

  3. Reduce the oxidation of the food ingredients when the tin cans of the tin cans are restored and the oxygen is filled in the container. Restore the tin, flavor and color of the fruit, the juice has a good fresh effect, so do not iron canned fruit juice cans preserved than other packaging materials, fruit juice nutrition and slight changes in brown and accept good flavor and quality, storage period To extend.

  The use of Tinplate for cans is very extensive and offers a wide range of physical and chemical properties from the food and beverage packaging materials of oil tanks, chemical tanks, and other miscellaneous cans, Tinplate for cans advantages and features.

  1. Food canned Tinplate for cans can ensure food hygiene, reduce the possibility of corruption, the effective risk of negative health, but also meet the modern people in the diet on the convenience of fast demand.

  2. Drinks cans can be used to fill fruit juice, coffee, tea, sports drinks can also be filled with cola, soft drinks, beer and other beverages. And tin cans can be so high that the tank type changes, whether high, short, large, small, or square, or round, to meet the current needs of the beverage packaging needs and consumption habits.

  3 tank light will lead to and accelerate the oxidation of oil, reduce nutritional value, but also may produce harmful substances, more serious damage to vitamins oil, especially vitamin D and vitamin A and oxygen in the air to promote food lipid peroxidation, The protein's biomass is reduced, destroying vitamins, and Tinplate for cans opacity seals the effect of air insulation is the best choice for food packaging oils.

  4. Chemical tank, Tinplate for cans material solid, good protection, no deformation, seismic, refractory material is the best packaging materials chemical substances

  5 spray and other high temperature and high noise tank, especially for high pressure filling spray cans. The pot is variable, beautifully printed stationery, biscuit barrels, milk jar Tinplate for cans products.

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