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The Element Of Emotion In The Design Of Tinplate For Cans

- Sep 28, 2017 -

The element of emotion in the design of Tinplate for cans

Today's product tinplate packaging design is no longer a simple item in full, in the tinplate packaging design has a lot of break, the break not only in the packaging of the style and materials, more in the tin packaging Mixed with more emotional elements. The following Xiaobian through the Tinplate for cans in the design of the elements of the role of expression, expression form of research, in order to better tinplate packaging design elements of the implementation of the guidelines.

With the continuous progress of society, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people in the pursuit of material ample at the same time pay more attention to the spiritual satisfaction, which promote many things continue to develop and innovate to meet people's demands, tin packaging design is no exception The

Tinplate packaging design requires inventive thinking, designers give the actual role of packaging at the same time, but also to strengthen the packaging of emotional elements of the design. After this humane design, both to meet the psychological needs of consumers, while achieving the value of the product. The influence of the elements of the element design in the tank packaging design is as follows:

Personalized design to attract specific consumers

Tinplate for cans mixed with emotional design elements, can better cause the consumer's emotional experience. In the tank packaging design, to fully criminal thinking of innovation, product packaging can be personalized design, causing some specific consumer attention. In the full understanding of the premise of consumer psychology, the product Tie packaging special design, the full performance of the characteristics of the product, causing consumer care.

Establish a brand image

At present, the competition of goods is not only the competition of commodity achievements, but also some competition on the soft power of culture. The elements of the design of the cans are an effective way of soft power competition. Tin cans packaging design mixed emotional elements, to better convey brand information, causing the attention of consumers. Such as Jiuzhitang new product packaging, red and red with a symbol of the symbol, without changing the premise, the words into the packaging of the product, so that the brand image of A plastic cake more in-depth.

Visual expression of emotion

Text is an important means of information dissemination, the consumer can produce a direct visual communication effect, so in the tinplate packaging design, the text has been a grand use of the text in the tank packaging design not only have the effect of decorating, but also To ensure the recognition of the product. In the text into the emotional factors, according to the characteristics of the product, the packaging of iron cans arranged for color and font improvements.

Color gives a strong visual impact, can directly and quickly cause the attention of consumers. Color in the tinplate packaging design application, to better promote and positioning the product, so that consumers enhance the awareness of the product. Different colors represent different emotions, red is often a symbol of passion, green gives the feeling of nature, blue can make people feel cool and so on. The use of color packaging design, to fully understand the elements and characteristics of color, according to the needs of goods, the color of the cans packaging design, pay attention to with, to avoid complicated.

Graphs include patterns and shapes, and consumers can judge whether they meet their emotional needs through the images of the merchandise. Specific graphics, abstract graphics can be successfully applied to the product of the tinplate packaging design. In order to make consumers better understand the product characteristics, the product packaging graphics are interesting, clearly discernible, packaging on the intuitive images can make consumers more intuitive grasp of commodity information.

The design of the Tinplate for cans is the element of the emotion of the people. It is the expression of the people's emotional needs. It needs the designers to focus on the communication with the consumers' mind in the design of the cans and pay attention to the humanization of the packaging design. The emotional factors in the design of the cans are the inevitable product of the social development. It is not only the test of the designer's design technology, but also the designer's test of the consumer's appeal. In the tinplate packaging design into the emotional elements, to learn to use a wide range of emotional expression, so that the feelings of the packaging design elements can be used for the consumer's emotional experience.

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