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The Superiority Of Tinplate For Cans Packaging Tea

- Aug 08, 2017 -

  The superiority of Tinplate for cans packaging tea

  Tinplate for cans iron tin / tin packaging benefits:

  1) good sealing: packaging containers on the air and other volatile gas barrier to the preservation of nutrients and sensory quality is very important. Oxygen permeability of the metal cans can better protect the tea, which is the best characteristics of iron cans.

  2) the role of tin reduction: Tinplate for cans tin tin will be filled with the container when the residual oxygen in the container, reducing the chance of food ingredients are oxidized. Tin reduction effect, but also the shelf life of tea and therefore extended.

  3) opacity: light in addition to food will cause deterioration of the reaction, but also cause food quality and grade changes. And the tea is more easily metamorphosed by light (especially green tea). The opacity of the Tinplate for cans makes the highest preservation rate of tea, preserving the juice and color of tea, Tinplate for cans the taste and the fragrance.

  In addition, the tin cans are completely isolated from the environmental factors, there is a heat function, will avoid color food due to light, oxygen, moisture and qualitative change, it will not be due to fragrance overflow and light or environmental pollution And taste, Tinplate for cans so the stability of food storage is better than other packaging materials.

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