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The Tinplate For Cans Be Used To Fill Fruit Juices

- Jun 19, 2017 -

  The Tinplate for cans be used to fill fruit juices, coffee, tea and sports drinks, can also be filled with cola, soda, beer and other beverages. And the high degree of iron can make its tank type change much, regardless of high, low, large, small, or square, or round, can meet the current variety of beverage packaging needs and consumer preferences.

  Ma Kou iron cans printing inks have special requirements:

  (1) Require ink with good adhesion and mechanical properties

  As a result of the end of the MA Kou iron cans printed food cans, toys, metal frame and chemical products barrels, cans, need to be cut, bending and stretching process, so that printing inks for tinplate has a good adhesion and the corresponding mechanical properties. In order to improve the ink adhesion, printing before the first need to carry out white tinplate. White is the base of all pictures, has a high lightness.Tinplate for cans After adding other high energy hue, it can improve the brightness of various colors and form the color order.

  (2) Requirements for ink

  Ma Kou iron cans surface silver (or yellow), metallic luster, before the printing of color text, the need to paint the surface white or white, subject to the limitations of ink coverage, monochrome machine often need to be 2 times the white, the whiteness of up to 75%. Whiteness as an important indicator of the quality of tinplate printing products, requires white ink with a good combination of primer, after several high-temperature baking not yellowing, high-temperature steaming is not Yarse. To the tinplate coating primer,Tinplate for cans can increase the adhesion with the tinplate, dialogue ink has a good adhesion. The commonly used primer is epoxy amine base type, has the color shallow, after several times bake not yellowing, does not have the aging characteristic and the flexibility good, the impact resistance craft performance.

  (3) The requirements of color ink

  Ma kou iron cans printing color inks, in addition to a certain degree of water resistance, but also need to have their special requirements. Because the surface of tinplate does not penetrate moisture and solvents, need to be baked and dry, so its ink should be heat-cured. The tinting strength and durability of pigments are very high. Printing ink In addition to the general Offsctdruckereien Ink basic performance,Tinplate for cans according to the characteristics of iron and steel should also have heat resistance, ink film adhesion, impact resistance, hardness, and resistance to cooking and light characteristics.

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