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The Tinplate For Cans Has A Higher Nutritional Value For Food

- Jul 13, 2017 -

  The Tinplate for cans has a higher nutritional value for food

  I believe a lot of people know that tin cans food on the human body is not good, but the reason few people understand that today's Tinplate for cans packaging manufacturers network and we talk about:

  Tinplate for cans metal electrochemical effects, painted canned canned food in the storage will be a small amount of iron dissolved in the form of positive ferrous iron exists in the sealed canned food, it is easy to be absorbed by the body, the content of about 1 to 11ppm.

  The taste value of the Tinplate for cans of fruit and vegetable

  In terms of fruit and vegetable products, the raw material itself is not much iron content, tin cans products to 350ml per can of beverage cans, iron content of 5.0ppm, each can provide 1.75mg iron, about the body daily intake of 18.0mg One tenth of the time. If the above-mentioned fruit and vegetable juice beverage tank is rich in vitamin C, the iron is more easily absorbed, so the Tinplate for cans canned food and drink is a good source of iron, and the nutritional value of Tinplate for cans food is far more profound.

  Why does the food Tinplate for cans offer the best nutritional value? The Tinplate for cans provides a closed system that is completely isolated from environmental factors in addition to heat, which avoids the deterioration of light due to light, oxygen, moisture, and is not fainted by the aroma or smells through the pollution of the environment. Storage stability is better than other packaging materials, vitamin C, the highest preservation rate, so the preservation of nutritional value is also the best.

  As the entire Tinplate for cans packaging market enters the boom, we should also treat and understand what is good for our own life and the body.

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