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The Tinplate For Cans Is Widely Used In Our Daily Life

- Sep 28, 2017 -

The Tinplate for cans is widely used in our daily life, in the mall tinplate packaging products dazzling, such as: cookies iron cans, tea cans, chocolate cans, cosmetics cans and so on. Tin cans and other materials compared to the packaging has three major advantages: First, can achieve the role of recycling; Second, low-carbon environmental pollution; Third, advanced technology.

Tinplate for cans in the storage of food has a certain degree of good, Tinplate for cans sealed performance, airtight, good light, not damp, iron inside the product has a good protective effect.

Tinplate for cans with its excellent printing performance, metal texture to maintain performance and other characteristics, in a variety of industries have a lot of role.

1. beautifully decorated: metal materials, good printing performance; Tinplate for cans pattern logo beautiful and beautiful, made of packaging containers eye-catching, is an excellent sales package.

2. Surface decoration performance, with a beautiful metallic luster, together with the colorful graphic printing and advanced metal processing technology, can form a good image of the cans.

3. Due to the high strength of metal, in the loading and unloading, transportation, storage and a series of processes, not easy to deformation, protect the inner packaging glass bottles, reduce wear and tear.

4. Recyclable: meet international environmental requirements, in line with future product trends.

5. Process mature production efficiency: Tinplate for cans production has a long history, mature technology with a set of matching production equipment, high production efficiency, to meet the needs of a variety of products packaging.

6. Excellent barrier: tin cans than any other materials are excellent barrier, gas barrier, moisture resistance, shading, fragrance are good, coupled with reliable sealing, can reliably protect the product.

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