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Tinplate For Cans Box Printing Tips

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Tinplate for cans box printing tips

Tinplate for cans printing in our ordinary life is very common, such as moon cake tin, tea box, cookies iron box, food box packaging, etc., rich and colorful. The Tinplate for cans is called the tin box, made of Tinplate for cans. As the Tinplate for cans has its own characteristics, so when printing and ordinary items on the surface printing is different. The next tin box manufacturers to tell you about the Tinplate for cans printing a few small tips.

Tinplate for cans box before printing, the need to print the area for printing, because the white is the color of all the color, after printing and then color can be better to highlight the color. Encapsulated by the ink skills, often need to monochrome by the second white, white can reach about 80%. And requires white paint and Tinplate for cans has excellent joint force, can withstand high temperature baking does not change color.

Tinplate for cans printing on the color requirements are relatively high, in addition to the requirements of a high level of color resistance to water, the pigment on the color strength and durability requirements are relatively high, in addition to the general offset printing ink with the characteristics, but also with resistance Heat, because the tin surface of the tin can not penetrate the water, so the ink is hot fixed shape, is the need to go through high temperature baking. Because the appearance of Tinplate for cans is not soaked in water, so in the printing process needs to be equipped with drying room, printing ink need to go through the high temperature baking to fully combine with the surface, insoluble in water, do not adsorb the solvent This is the Tinplate for cans printing and other offset printing the largest A different point

But also we need to pay special attention to a problem. So the Tinplate for cans printing line will be longer than other offset printing.

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