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Tinplate For Cans Coating Why Tin Dissolves

- Jul 03, 2017 -

  Tinplate for cans coating why tin dissolves

  One of the main purposes of the inner wall coating of Tinplate for cans is to prevent the dissolution of tin, but some of the food needs to dissolve some tin in the Tinplate for cans tank to form free tin ions to keep the food appearance and flavor in the tank. If there is no free tin ion , Tinplate for cans The color of light-colored foods tend to be dark, the color of green vegetables will change.

  In the case of hypoxia in Tinplate for cans, tin ions and food produce tin-chromium compounds and remove the sulfide in the food. These effects will allow the Tinplate for cans to be stored, Tinplate for cans sold and consumed for a long period of time. Tin is dissolved, so the inner thickness of the Tinplate for cans coating is generally between 3.5 and 6.0 g / m2. In this thickness range, the coating has a certain porosity, and the liquid of the Tinplate for cans can penetrate through these pores into the tin Layer surface, the tin slowly dissolved to form tin ions, Tinplate for cans so as to achieve the purpose of extending the Tinplate for cans shelf life.

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