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Tinplate For Cans Compared To Plastic Where The Advantages

- Aug 08, 2017 -

  Tinplate for cans compared to plastic where the advantages

  Tinplate for cans, tin cans are common packaging, already replaced the plastic packaging, etc., has many advantages. Tinplate for cans wholesale, iron box wholesale price is more cheap, and can be more assured of more confidence to buy my company's products, are quality assurance. Tinplate for cans, tin cans compared to plastic packaging has a lot of advantages, Xiao Bian simple to say a few points. Tin cans, iron cans contain sugar, protein, fat, organic acids, may also contain salt and other ingredients, as a tank container material and food direct contact, but also need a shorter time of storage, they should not be from the chemical Reaction, not to endanger human health, do not bring food pollution and affect the food flavor. As the Tinplate for cans, tin cans food containing organic acids, proteins and other organic substances, as well as some of the necessary inorganic salts of the human body, will cause corrosion of the container.

  Some substances in the tank of the food industry in the production process will produce some chemical changes in the release of a certain corrosive substances, and canned food in the long-term storage of the contents of the container and the container will also occur in a slow change in the container container corrosion The Therefore, as a canned food containers must have good corrosion resistance. The deterioration of food is often due to the microbial activity and reproduction in nature, thus contributing to the decomposition of food. Tin cans, cans food is processed, sealed, sterilized made of a long-term preservation of food, if the container sealing performance is bad, Tinplate for cans it will make the sterilization of food after the microbial contamination caused by deterioration. So the container must have a very good sealing performance, so that the contents of the external isolation, Tinplate for cans to prevent the pollution of external microorganisms, not perishable, so as to ensure long-term storage of food.

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