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Tinplate For Cans Enhance The Brand Value Of Environmental Protection

- Nov 01, 2017 -

The existing containers include iron cans, aluminum cans, paper and plastic containers, these containers have different recycling characteristics, but the iron cans in the recycling process than other packaging material containers for the better.

Low pollution: tin cans in the main raw material tinplate, in fact, is environmentally friendly, can be natural decomposition, because when the tank exists in the environment, can be natural oxidation and return to the original state of iron oxide, return to nature, so The stacking of iron cans can be decomposed by time and will not cause environmental pollution.

Provincial resources: the removal of other pollution residue on the tank, the current development of the chopper equipment, can effectively remove more than 98% of the pollutants, to provide good quality scrap scrap. In addition, the United States also pointed out that the presence of aluminum easy to open cover is conducive to scrap iron, because it can reduce the amount of hot metal when making steel, Tinplate for cans reducing the cost of the overall steel manufacturing.

Recyclable: The tank itself has a characteristic that is not available in other packaging materials - it can be magnetically adsorbed, so that the magnetic separator can be separated from the waste by magnetic force, and this feature can be easily To achieve the effect of recycling 80% tin cans. The invention of environmental protection cover, not only the use of tin can be more safe, health, recovery operations have direct and obvious benefits.

Tinplate for cans and the difference between the mattress, the partner said that this question has a lot of customers asked, so want to call this question alone Xiaobian out with our explanation. So today we have come with small series we spread all over the tin cans and matte tank difference.

Generally speaking, the tinplate in our mouth is tinned iron, also called iron or iron, tinplate iron box offer in general is much cheaper than the matte tin, usually tinplate in the printing will be coated on the iron box Layer of white, and then in this layer of white on top of the color printing, so the color will be printed out more full and bright, Tinplate for cans so many people will pick tin tin as a commodity packaging.

Radish vegetables have their own love, some people do not like the tinplate is full of bright colors, like iron its own texture, matte tin is very satisfied with the aesthetic and seek these people. Matte iron is also known as silver light iron, Tinplate for cans the surface appears sandy, so we called scrub iron, matte iron than the tinplate on your lot, usually used for non-printing tin box packaging, if you want to print are through iron printing, So that there can be matte iron grain texture.

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