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Tinplate For Cans Food

- Jun 19, 2017 -

  Tinplate for cans food, with the exception of a small number of light fruit and fruit juices, mostly with an interior painted empty jar, to improve the corrosion resistance of the container; Due to the electrochemical effect of metal, the canned food can be coated with a small amount of iron dissolved in the storage, the two-valent iron form exists in canned food, it is easily absorbed by the human body, the content is about 1 to ten ppm. In terms of fruit and vegetable products, the raw material itself is not much iron, iron cans products per can $number ml beverage cans, iron content of 5 ppm calculation, each can provide 1.75mg iron,Tinplate for cans about one-tenth of the human body's daily intake of 18mg. If the fruit and vegetable juice drink can contain rich vitamin C, then iron is more easily absorbed, so the iron canned food drink is a good source of iron, for the iron cans of food to provide a more profound meaning of nutrition.

  Because of these properties, Tinplate for cans provide a closed system that is completely isolated from the environment except heat, avoid color food due to light, oxygen, moisture and deterioration, nor because of the aroma through the light or environmental odor through pollution and stale, food storage stability is better than other packaging materials, vitamin C retention rate of the highest, the preservation of nutrients is also the best.

  Tinplate for cans ensure food hygiene, the possibility of corruption to the minimum, effectively prevent health risks, but also in line with modern people in the diet convenient,Tinplate for cans rapid demand, is tea packaging, coffee packaging, health care packaging, candy packaging, cigarette packaging, gift packaging and other food packaging containers preferred.

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