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Tinplate For Cans Has Excellent Impact Resistance And Flame Resistance

- Aug 30, 2017 -

At present, the general trend of the development of packaging tinplate is: to reduce the thickness of the material, and to improve the mechanical function of the data. The main varieties of tinplate for packaging are three cans with tinplate, spray cans and cosmetics cans with tinplate, closed cover and crown cover with tinplate, paint and chemical goods containers with tinplate, two cans with tinplate, special use for packaging tinplate and so on.

1. Drink tank with tinplate. This kind of beverage cans with tinplate is characterized by high purity, no impurities, more resistant to corrosion; drawing width up to 1200mm; appearance is very positive, small size error; continuous annealing, good tolerance. It is to ensure that the tinplate on the basis of outstanding features, can greatly reduce the thickness of the tinplate has excellent mechanical function and plasticity.

2. Food cans with horse and iron. At present, the European series of tinplate can be used to produce a variety of different types and shapes of food cans. These tinplate are mainly coated tinplate (for the bottom of the DRD coating tank), easy to open with tinplate, stretch tank with tinplate. During which the production of ultra-thin cans and crown cap tinplate, so that open the bottle is very safe and reliable.

3. Spray cans and cosmetics cans. Packaging tinplate for the production of high pressure spray cans, so that the container in line with international standards, environmentally friendly.

4. Tinplate for paint and chemical goods containers. Because packaging tinplate has excellent impact resistance and flame resistance, the use of these packaging containers to paint and paint, not only in line with the provisions of the transport of toxic substances, storage, and manufacturers can save a lot of insurance costs.

5. Special use for packaging tinplate. Special use packaging tinplate with excellent printability, the most suitable for the printing of various shapes of containers.

6. Decorative fine metal materials, good printing performance; pattern trademark beautiful and beautiful, made the packaging container more compelling, is a good sales packaging.

7. The shape of a variety of tin cans can be made according to different needs of various shapes, such as square cans, oval cans, round cans, horseshoe-shaped, trapezoidal, etc., both to meet the needs of different products packaging, but also to make more changes in packaging containers, Sales.

8. Recyclable and in line with international environmental requirements and future product trends. At present, the metal container cans in many packaging materials is the most convenient recycling, recycling is the highest.

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