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Tinplate For Cans Packaging Because Of Its Good Sealing

- Jun 19, 2017 -

  Tinplate for cans packaging because of its good sealing, preservation, light, sturdiness and unique decorative charm of metal, it is in the packaging container industry has a wide range of coverage, is the international general packaging varieties. With the tinplate various cc materials, Dr Materials, chrome iron constantly enriched, promote the packaging products and technology development, tinplate cans packaging everywhere full of innovation.

  Because of its strong antioxidant, and diverse styles, exquisite printing, tinplate packaging containers by the vast number of customers love, widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, commodity packaging, instrumentation packaging, industrial packaging and so on.

  Tinplate can packaging containers of high strength, good formability, product compatibility, and many other advantages have been in the international market to establish a good reputation. Therefore, all countries attach great importance to this kind of packaging container, is the world's largest amount of a metal packaging plate.

  According to the different requirements of the packaging industry, the thickness of tinned tin material, tinned amount, mechanical properties, etc. have different needs. Since its inception, Tinplate for cans have been to reduce the direction of development. One is to use less tin, not even tin, one is to reduce the thickness of the base plate Tinplate for cans. The aim is to adapt to changes in the production of cans and to reduce the cost of making cans.

  With the continuous improvement and perfection of tinplate canned printing technology and processing technology, the application of tinned tin can packaging is more and more extensive. The current domestic production capacity of tinplate can be continuously improved, tinplate can import will gradually reduce, in addition to some high-end products still need a small amount of imports have basically achieved self-sufficiency. The demand of packaging industry in China has put forward higher requirements for the quantity and quality of metal packaging. 2010, China's metal packaging container sales revenue of more than 50 billion yuan, but also to make metal packaging into a new growth opportunity period, the continuous rapid development of the food industry for the Tinplate for cans packaging container industry to bring a wide range of market development.

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